Import excel data

This tutorial shows how to import data form Excel to Veusz.

Usually data in excel files is arranged either in columns or rows. This example uses data arranged in columns, example file can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

Save excel files as CSV files

Easyest way to import data to Veusz is with csv files, in order to convert xlsx(or xls) file to csv file "Save as" the excel file as "CSV (Comma delimited)" file. (From the "Save as type" drop down menu).

Import CSV fils to Veusz

On the Veusz main window menu bar, extend the "Data" drop down menu and select "Import"

Select CSV tab and Browse for your csv file. Now it is important no define delimiter. In this example the data is delimited by ";" but the delimiter can be also space, tab, comma, etc. If the data seems logical in "File preview" window, click "Import".

Successfully imported data will appear on the "Data - Veusz" window and can now be used for plotting or calculations.

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