Multible vertical axes

In order to start with this tutorial you should know how to:
  1. Import data to Veusz
  • Download example data file from HERE
  • Import downloaded (Data - Import - CSV) file, NB! Tab delimited data, so column delimiter is {tab}
  • Add xy to the grapth1 (select graph1 from Editing window, Insert - Add xy, or from the quick menu (1))
  • Select graph1 and in Properties window set "X data" to col1 and "Y data" to col2 (2)
  • Hide markers for xy1 (Select xy1 from Editing window and in Formatting window, set Marker as "none") (3)

  • Select y axis from Editing window (4), and
    • Modify Max to 40000 in Properties (5)
    • Modify Max position to 0.7 (6) or use mouse to rezise the y axis (7)

  • Select  graph1 in the Editing window
  • add new axis (Insert - Add axis) or from quickmenu (8)
  • Modify Direction to vertical (9)
  • Modify Min Position to 0,79 (10) or resize axis with mouse (11)

Add another xy
  • Select  graph1 in the Editing window
  • Add new xy (Insert - Add xy, or from quickmenu (12))
  • Select xy2 in the Editing window (13)
  • Modify X data to col1 and Y data to col2 (14)
  • Modify Y axis to axis1 (15) (now xy2 will use axis1 as vertical and x as horizontal)
  • Modify Marker to none (16)

  • Select  axis1 in the Editing window (17)
  • Select Major ticks tab in the Formatting window (18)
  • Modify Number to 10 (19)
  • Modify Min to 50000 and Max to 140000 (20)


With a little bit of formatting:
  • Change y1 and axis1 number formatting (Formatting - Tick labels(1,2) - Formatting to %g)
  • Use Insert - Add shape :
    • Add Line to connect lines

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