plot inside plot

In order to start with this tutorial you should know how to:
  1. Import data to Veusz

  • Download example data file from HERE (also available at the bottom of page)
  • Import downloaded (Data - Import - CSV) file, NB! Tab delimited data, so column delimiter is {tab}
  • Add xy to the grapth1 (select graph1 from Editing window, Insert - Add xy, or from the quick menu (1))
  • Select graph1 and in Properties window set "X data" to col1 and "Y data" to col2 (2)
  • Hide markers for xy1 (Select xy1 from Editing window and in Formatting window, set Marker as "none") (3)
  • Add two new axes to graph1 (Insert - Add axis or from the quickmenu icon (4))
  • rename axis1 to "x2" and axis2 to "y2" (5) (double click on the name in Editing window, or right click on the name and select Rename
  • Set y2 direction to vertical (select y2 in the Editing window, change Direction in Propetries window to "vertical") (6)

  • Move y2 (select y2(7) and move it(drag) with mouse(8))

  • Resize y2 (from the black square marker on both ends of axis when y2 is selected)

  • Select x2 (from Editing window), move & reize

To plot the data into new x2 and y2 axis:
  • Select graph1 from Editing window (9)
  • Add new xy (Insert - Add xy or click on the quickmenu (10))
  • Select xy2 from Editing window (11)
  • set X data to col1 and Y data to col2 (12)
  • set X axis to x2, Y axis to y2 (new the xy2 will use our new axes x2 and y2) (13)

To "zoom in" into some specific region, change the Min and Max properties for x2 and y2
  • Select x2 from Editing window (15)
  • In Properties window, change Min to 7 and Max to 10 (16)

  • Select y2 from Editing window (17)
  • In Properties window, change Min to 0 and Max to 20000 (16)

  • In result xy2 should show smaller region of the whole data

  • To make it a little nicer, use Formatting window to change:
    • xy plot line width from 0,5 to 1
    • Add labels to axes
    • Change y1 and y2 number formatting (Formatting - Tick labels(1,2) - Formatting to %g)
    • Change label and number sizes for x2 and y2
    • Use Insert - Add shape :
      • Add Line
      • Add rect

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